office fit-out

Duke Corporate Education

Design & Build, Furniture


London City




12 weeks

The challenge

Duke Corporate Education offers premium leadership solutions. The company helped redefine corporate education via a model which blends business and university tutelage. This helps combine business and educational experts throughout a global network to assist clients.

Following a lease end, Duke Corporate Education decided to relocate to a more suitable facility in Fetter Lane, London. The new site comprised 6,500 sq feet of functional office space and needed to be ready within three months to allow for the seamless relocation of the business.

THE brief

• 12 weeks on-site

• Create open-plan office space

• Combine this space with meeting rooms

• Develop a large breakout area with a library to improve learning and communication

THE delivered

• Landlord work was undertaken to include new lighting and ceilings

• Provision of all new technology and communications

• Design and build office space/meeting rooms